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Becoming a Social Work Organizational Leader is a program hosted in Open Canvas by the School of Social Policy and Practice (SP2) via their non-degree department OpenSP2.

This course is designed to develop learners’ social work management and leadership practice. Professor Jason Miller, MSW, has created this course to help learners explore how to apply direct practice skills into leadership practice. 

Participants will learn organizational management, using the Social Work Core Values to guide their leadership, centering participant voice into their leadership decisions, and an in-depth look at leading Social Service Organizations. By the end of the course, learners will understand Social Work Leadership and the skills to develop their leadership practice.

This course launched in 2019, and to-date has enrolled 358 learners. This course utilizes open enrollment and has no end date.

“The streamlining of all online offerings at Penn in one place. It is easier to send learners to one place to search out the courses/programs they are interested in. It also increases the likelihood of learners finding our offerings when they are browsing Penn as a whole.”

Nicole auge

Nicole Auge, the Director of Instructional Design and Educational Technology at SP2, decided to host this course in Open Canvas because

“The platform suited our needs for hosting online content for non-degree learners that would not have a PennKey. Keeping the same base platform (Canvas) made it easier for staff and faculty to develop content in an environment they are already used to. It also provided cohesiveness between “for credit” Canvas and “professional development” Canvas under one main brand (Penn). When Penn created their own shopping platform we jumped at the opportunity to use it but appreciate that the actual course development is still Canvas based.”

For more information about this program please visit the course offering.